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Our New Tasting Room & Kitchen Facility

We are Ron and Helen,  the owners of Scrumptious Crumbs. Look for us in our 

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Let us make this important part of your special day a tasteful experience. Whether you are having a Birthday, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Graduation, Wedding or Holiday party, the cake we create for you will make your special day a truly memorable occasion.

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Scrumptious Crumbs is a family owned and operated bakery. We’ve been open since 2005,  yet the family history in baking goes back much further. We use the finest ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptional wedding cakes, specialty cakes, cupcakes, and cookies too! While we 

continually strive for innovation at Scrumptious Crumbs, we’re still making our creations the 

way Grandma made them. 

She's 101 years old and pretty proud of that.

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